A starting point that changes the trajectory of a life...

We teach how to develop a quality relationship with yourself, people and the world

The founder Rasa

Rasa Baltė Balčiūnienė, the founder and lecturer of the HAI Institute, is often referred to as a change agent by many executives and entrepreneurs, and a meeting with her becomes a starting point that fundamentally changed the direction of their life or their organization.

Don't be fooled - Rasa herself does not create change. She only creates unexpected, provocative situations for change to happen - situations in which participants see the causes of their own obstacles or failures - clichés, fixations, automatic functioning, dysfunctional behavior. From these "dates with oneself" an exciting new path of change begins - for the individual and for the organization.

Want to see for yourself? Invite Rasa!

"One of the biggest challenges for a person today is to recognize and overcome the stereotypes imposed on him by the environment. My training aims to help to do that. So that a person could successfully develop and grow."
Ornela Ramašauskaitė
Expert in the art market and marketing
Martynas Kandzeras
Investor and business developer
Asta Dekinienė
Head of Xerox Distribution Group
for Central and Eastern Europe