Self-revision without photoshop
Is the stereotype your boss? Who really makes the decisions? What internal fixations prevent innovation? What internal conflicts prevent you from turning failure into success?
Are the above mentioned statements ring a bell? It's time for self-revision! Take off the "glasses" of false self-perception and dare to see yourself without them. The change has begun!
The training is based on the original methodology for identifying the Leader Mindset ®, which has been in operation for more than 10 years.
Cinema Practicum

Do you remember the movies about Steve Jobs, Ray Kroc or Coco Chanel that tell the stories of these extraordinary personalities? In those stories you may recognize phenomena of your own life too! Don't be surprised. The method of cinematic practicum, based on the movie excerpts analysis and self-analysis, will allow you to see your own dysfunctionality and possibilities in a "compressed" time. Film images enter our brains 90,000 times faster than textual information, so this method accelerates the transformation of our thinking.