About us

We are a human growth and business development institute for leaders and their organizations seeking the highest quality of transformation. Our goal is to help people become authentic and act with their full intelligence (both mind and emotion). 

Our training and consulting are based on ontopsychological and psychosomatic knowledge and effective practical methodologies that we have researched, tested, and validated over 17 years of operation (since 2005).


- Increased leadership and business functionality, improved performance, and authentic decision-making.

- Inner creative power is enhanced by learning how to make subconscious images conscious and counteract their limiting effects.

- New opportunities for self-fulfillment arise from learning to act intellectually, based on the mind and the emotions.

- New contexts for action under uncertainty, by learning to recognize future ideas and future ways of acting. 

A fundamental change occurs after psychological games and experiential practices that create life situations in which one recognizes unconscious patterns in one's actions and thinking.

The value of our training is confirmed by the insights of HAI alumni:              



- We promote a corporate culture based on openness and mindset change.

- We provide conscious leadership training, emphasizing the importance of adaptive and intuitive action.

- We organize strategy sessions that allow you to see the authentic direction of organizations.

- We organize experiential journeys and retreats that expand creative thinking.

- We educate through podcasts and radio shows where business creators, leaders and managers share their experiences.

- We bring together a community of Institute alumni to create a high-quality environment to be.


H - Humanely. In an era of digital transformation, we need to preserve Humanity and enable the natural human intellect to function. This is possible if a person is the master-creator of his or her own life, acting independently, exercising his or her natural abilities, and taking responsibility for the results of his or her life and activities.

We create the conditions for a person to develop into a conscious and autonomous subject. We aim to find as many business creators as possible, whose activities cultivate the human customer, with his/her innate need to know, understand, experience, feel, evolve and create. A person must not become a consumer of an ideology, a lifestyle, a product, or a service imposed by the environment, trying to conform to certain standards and ignoring the fact that what he or she consumes does not meet his or her innate needs.

A - Authentically. A person has to choose between the stereotypes imposed by his environment, which reach him through the media and his upbringing, and his own nature, his true self. He has to choose between acting in a template and acting intuitively.

We rely on proven training methodologies and tools that, once mastered, can help a person to change his habits, his thinking, and his behaviors. His actions become more precise, he begins to live an authentic life, engage in authentic activities, create an authentic business, feeling completely fulfilled.

I - Intellectually. In the 20th century, humanity has lost the meanings of some concepts formulated in antiquity. Intelligence is now understood only as rationality, forgetting its essential part: sensory perception.

In today's world of superficial consumer culture and substitutes, of image civilization and media influence, of uncertainty, it is crucial for man to rely on the true concept of intelligence - to perceive with both reason and feeling. Therefore, our training methodologies are designed to develop the sense of touch and the intelligence of the body. The ability to manage emotional reactions and neutrality makes a person resilient to external influences, and acting with 'feeling' opens up new spaces - strengthening contextual, critical and analytical thinking, intuitive knowing and the ability to make authentic decisions.

Rasa Baltė Balčiūnienė is the founder and CEO of Femina Bona (1993), HAI institute (2005), and Amres Art Gallery (2019).


  • Visionary
  • Mindset and performance change consultant
  • Author of leadership programs
  • Organizer and facilitator of international forums on mindset development
  • Creator of Creative Labs
  • Promoter of an aesthetic culture based on authenticity
  • Creator and presenter of the radio program "Future Gene" 


  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Business developers
  • Future entrepreneurs 


  • Overcoming professional crises
  • Recognize stereotypes that create barriers in life and business
  • Change attitudes towards oneself and the environment
  • To see new business opportunities
  • Start a new direction of movement 


  • Methodology for identifying the leader's mindset
  • Transdisciplinarity (management, psychology, neuroscience, semiotics, art)
  • 30 years of practical experience in leadership and business development