Business imagery diagnostics
Welcome to an era where images reign!  It's no secret that any space influences our well-being and behaviors through images. But do you have any idea what your office environment is like? Which objects suppress and which stimulate employee activity?  What message does the company's visual communication send?
Visual diagnostics will help you decode these meanings.
Individual consultation
Why do you think you can't seem to get the result you want? Wrong choice of goal? Wrong means?  What do you know about your deeper needs? About dysfunctional images? About inner sabotage? What do you know about yourself?
Do you want to talk about it? 
Strategic session on finding the future of the company
What is the rhythm of your organization? Is it a rhythm of communion, movement, growth, reminiscent of a song? Or is it an arrhythmia created by tensions and internal conflicts, when things are stagnant and employees are not involved in the processes and remain on the sidelines?
A strategy session is not just about identifying the state of the organization and the causes of its ailments. It is here that a new direction of movement, meaning, and opportunity is found.
So what is the rhythm of your organization?