Systemic consulting and constellations training programme

Systemic consulting and constellations training programme

The dynamic and volatile business environment requires us to find new ways to deal with current challenges. We invite you to take a look from a different perspective into the organizations: Organization as a living organism that has its own systemic laws, hidden patterns of energy flows, and hierarchical interaction. 

This training is appropriate for external business consultants and coaches as well as organisational leaders who are involved with developing people, culture and business. Training will include theory and practice, questions and answers, demos, experiential part.



Programme consist of several blocks of knowledge and application:

  • learning systemic approach as a method of perception, thinking and intervening;
  • learning systemic constellations as a systemic method for working with organisations;
  • learning to work with organisations systemically (without constellating), using systemic approach in business consulting;
  • learning to apply systemic approach when leading organisations.


You can expect that this programme will provide much more than learning. During the training process, you might find insights coming from your personal and professional experience that will influence you in the very essence. For many, learning systemic work initiates a deeply transformational process.

  • basic characteristics of a system;
  • how to interact with systems consciously: systemic attitude, perception, stance; systemic vs. analytical thinking;
  • forces influencing living systems: personal, systemic evolutionary levels;
  • organisation as a system: principles of order, belonging and exchange in organisations;
  • family business: which system is prevailing – family or organisation?
  • influence of dynamics of founders, the influence of origin and history in organisation;
  • systemic constellations as a method for exploration, diagnostics, insights, interventions, and transformation;
  • systemic constellations technique and practice: interview, setting up representatives, questioning them, letting the movement, making interventions in the constellation as an image of the system, closing constellation, and dialogue with the client;
  • systemic stance of the facilitator, decisions at each stage of the process, results of the constellation, process after constellation;
  • types of constellations, application of constellations, constellating by external consultants and organisational leaders inside organisation – does and don’t;
  • systemic consulting (without constellations): questioning based on a deep understanding of how living systems work - to reveal principles and patterns, to support healing of the system, to foster systemic change, to case actions;
  • systemic perspective in coaching, systemic coaching dialogue;
  • systemic leadership – how to apply and transmit systemic thinking, when in leadership positions.

This training program, consisting of 8 modules of 2 days each, is designed for people who want to:

  • immerse themselves into the systemic approach,
  • discover how business coaching and consulting can incorporate systemic dynamic,
  • learn systemic constellations as a tool to offer systemic diagnostics and observations,
  • learn to work with organisations as systems without constellating, instead by creating systemic interventions through consulting and/or coaching; 
  • enrich themselves with new experiences, integrate personal and professional backgrounds and find new insights for personal future development.



The programme consists of 8 modules, each lasting 2 days, from Thursday to Friday.

I. 2-3 March
II. 30-31 March
III. 4-5 May
IV. 29-30 June
V. 7-8 September
VI. 12-13 October
VII. 16-17 November
VIII. 14-15 December

Time: from 9:00 till 17:00.

If you miss a module, you will have the option to catch up with another group!


Full price 2800+VAT

Advance payment 350+VAT

Possible payment in installments

The price also includes lunch and coffee breaks.

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Place of the training: Polocko str. 41, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Language of the training: English.

Programos vedėjai
Systemic coach, constellations facilitator and trainer, founder of Systemic Constellations Center Riga.
  • From 2000 to 2011 she worked as a business coach in the fields of time management, communication, and leadership, as well as a systemic coach. She was a member of the board of the first ICF in Latvia and contributed to the development of the coaching profession.
  • In 2012, the systemic constellations approach to life and organizations became Iveta's core practice.
  • In 2016, she founded "Systemic Constellations Center Riga" and became an official coach of the Bert Hellinger Institute (Netherlands).
  • More about Iveta and her work here>>>

I liked Iveta's simplicity.  Her ability to explain complex things clearly and simply. She knows how to create open and sincere atmosphere. Her training is very practical, so you get a mirror that reflects your behavioral patterns. I realized that I belong to different systems and I started to see the connections between them. My perspective on everyday situations changed. After the training, I started to deal with the causes of decisions rather than the consequences.


Asta Petrušienė, Head of UAB ,,Desertų klubas"


Iveta is a top level professional with a lot of experience in working with organizations and leaders.

What I found most valuable during the training was her ability to build connection through capacity to welcome everyone and share her personal experiences. Iveta’s sincerity makes it very easy to surrender to the process and just explore what is happening with my own life. Thanks to Iveta, I have answered a lot of fundamental questions for myself, and thanks to those answers, my business has grown comprehensively. As a person, I have "closed" past issues that were limiting my potential. I truly believe that anyone who wants more out of their life should have this type training on a regular basis in order to gain the inner freedom to grow and develop. 


Giedrė Vaitiekūnaitė - Urbanovič, Founder of HR Hint Online


The training has changed the way I think and the way I approach certain things. Where I thought something was going wrong, I realized that it had to be like this. Certain things don't seem so important now. The systemic approach has given me a general understanding of systems. I started to see more layers of dynamics in human relationships. I learned to look at relationships from the outside. Now I know where I am and where I should go. There have been positive changes in my life.


Rytis Mėdžius, Head of UAB ,,RNE"